Orthopaedic Therapy

Assessment and treatment of joint pain and stiffness using a “hands on” approach. Postural re-education and exercise programs to improve range of motion and decrease pain This includes treatment following a motor vehicle crash or work related injuries.

Sports Physiotherapy

Assessment and treatment of muscle sprains and strains. Specific assessment of muscle balance and readiness for sport. Surface EMG assessments- used for muscle retraining after injury.

Gunn IMS/Dry Needling

A technique to treat chronic muscle tightness and pain.A holistic approach to treat muscle sprains and strains as well as a wide variety of other issues such as: depressed immune system or symptoms of menopause including hot flashes and insomnia.

Lactate Testing

A scientific technique to find your personal heart rate zones based on blood lactate production during exercise This is a great technique for any individual wanting to evaluate their health and fitness program.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Treatment for motion intolerance/unsteadiness, dizziness, poor balance and vertigo.

Women's Health/Continence Therapy

A non-surgical option for loss of bladder control. Includes muscle re-education with EMG and exercise program.

IASTM - Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

A non invasive technique to loosen stiff muscles and tendons and aid in the healing of both acute and chronic muscle/tendon injuries. This technique also helps prevent excessive scar tissue developing which can limit range of motion.